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Project Detail

On receiving the official documents (Invoice, Packing list, Bill of Lading, Delivery note and other Certificates) we make a preliminary assessment regarding the duties and taxes (based on the specific commodity code and the seller’s delivery terms) and we inform the importer about the cost. When the importer gives their approval, we continue with the customs clearance at the competent customs.  Upon completion of the process which includes the payment of the relevant duties and taxes, we deliver the import license to the importer so that they can pick up the goods. We can also undertake the transport of the goods from the Customs office to the customer’s headquarters or the indicated destination.

Importing goods                                
1. The import of goods according to article 2 comprise:

(a) The entry of goods which do not meet the conditions prescribed by Articles 9 and 10 of the Treaty of Establishment of the European Economic Community or in the cases of goods that fall under the European Coal and Steel Community but are not in free circulation.
(b) The entry of goods from third countries, other than those referred to in paragraph a.

2. The import takes place in Greece if the goods are found in the country’s territory at the time of their entry into the Community.

3. By way of derogation from § 2, if the goods, falling under subparagraph 1a while entering the Community have been subject to one of the procedures referred to in subparagraph aa and bb of § 1b article 25, regarding temporary admission with complete relief from duties or external Community customs transit procedure, the importation of these goods takes place in Greece, as long as these goods leave these procedures within the country.
Moreover, when goods of the category described in paragraph 1b,
are placed under temporary admission or Community transit procedure (according to the paragraph 1 of Article 61) the importation takes place in Greece, as long as the goods leave these procedures within the country.