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Carnet ΑΤΑ

Project Detail

Carnet ATA accompanies goods that are imported in specified countries (temporary import: In order for these same goods to be exported from our territory the Carnet ATA should be presented at the customs offices), without import declaration or having to pay duties, provided that they will be exported within a year.
Carnet ATA is issued only for professional, pedagogical or scientific material, commercial samples, advertising material as well as goods intended for display or use in exhibitions, fairs, conferences, etc. (Greek Official Gazette 18/Α/1-9-1975).
Carnet ATA can comprise goods that are destined only for one cause (ex. The same carnet cannot comprise goods for exhibitions and professional material).
The applicant should be registered in the competent Chamber and they must have paid their fees.
The goods value cannot exceed 15.000 € for each Carnet ATA. If the value is higher, a second, third etc. Carnet ATA is issued.
Carnet ATA is issued by the Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Athens, Piraeus, Thessaloniki, Achaia, Messinia, Kavala, Kastoria, Larissa, Magnisia, Ioannina, Aitoloakarnania, Evia, Lesvos, Dodecanese and Heraklion.

Carnet ATA form (Supplied by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry)

The Carnet ATA is composed by:

  • Application – Affirmation
  • 1 green sheet (front cover)
  • 1 exporting sheet (yellow colour)
  • 1 importing sheet (white colour)
  • 1 re-exporting sheet (white colour)
  • 1 re-importing sheet (yellow colour)
  • Transit forms (blue colour) in case of transit through one or more countries (4 sheets per country).

Transit forms are also used when the goods are exported via a customs office situated at the borders (e.g. Customs Evzones), other than the Customs Office of Patras.

The following boxes of a Carnet ATA are completed: the Carnet ATA owner’s data, the Carnets validity time and place of issue and the application’s data: goods’ description, quantity, weight, unit price (in Euro), total value (in Euro) in numbers and in words.
The data should be completed electronically in the English language.

Return and Finalisation of the Carnet.

The Carnet is valid for a year.
The Carnet must be returned to the Chamber of Commerce 10 days after its expiry at the latest.
The Carnet must have all sheets appropriately certified by the competent Customs offices, proving that the goods have been re-exported from the country in which they were temporarily imported.
When such certification regarding re-exporting and re-importing is not submitted, the Carnet is not considered to be in order.
The Carnet is not in order when the re-exporting of the goods took place later than the expiration date, without the customs offices authorisation.
Even in the case of theft, loss or destruction of the goods, the owner of the Carnet ATA is obliged to pay the relevant duties and taxes.